340+ Most Important One liner lucent general knowledge

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One liner lucent general knowledge


As you all know very well that the competition is increasing continuously in the competitive examinations. That’s why today we are sharing 340+ most important one-liner Lucent general knowledge questions. We shared 340+ one-liner Lucent gk questions in english language.


Friends, as you all know that we are working for all of you students every day. Share various information and notes related to Today, the information we are sharing for all of you through this post has been frequently asked in competitive examinations.


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Friends, the information we are sharing with you today is of ” General Knowledge Top 340+ One liner gk question in Hindi “. Friends, if all of you are preparing for SSC, RAILWAY, UP POLICE, VDO / LEKHPAL, and state and central level exams, then all of you must download these notes and read them once.


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Friends, questions will definitely be asked from here in all the upcoming competitive exams to be held by all of you. To all of you, we are sharing the answers to 340+ questions related to general knowledge through the list below, as well as we are sharing for all of you in General Knowledge Top 340+ One liner gk question in Hindi which you all have given below. You can easily download through the given button.


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Lucent General Knowledge Top 340+ One liner gk question in Hindi


  1. Devprayag is situated at the confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda.
  2. Which mountain is not a part of the Himalayan range – Aravalli
  3. This increases the marginal return at the diminishing rate, then the total percentage- increases
  4. Which river flows between Satpura and Vindhya – Narmada
  5. Who founded the Vijayanagara kingdom – – Sangam dynasty
  6. The first Governor-General of Bengal was – Warren Hastings
  7. Which Indian folk dance is – Garba
  8. Name the state which first used elephants in war Magadha
  9. Tags in HTML are bounded by keywords enclosed in what – – brackets
  10. Name the first Asian country to go in orbit around Mars- India
  11. The troposphere is the hottest part of the atmosphere because it gets heated from the surface of the earth.
  12. They are known by the nickname of regular winds that “thunders Chalisa ‘,’ Prachanda fifty ‘and’ screams stockpiles’ breezes what type they – – westerly
  13. Deciduous tree – will shed its leaves every year
  14. The instrument used to measure the intensity of an earthquake is called – Seismograph
  15. Where did Vardhamana Mahavir attain Parinirvana – – Pava
  16. Govind Ballabh Pant Sagar Dam is built on which river- Rihand
  17. Who was recently appointed as the UN peace envoy – – Jean-Pierre
  18. What is the essence in ‘Veerpurush’ – – Tatpurush
  19. When is Uttar Pradesh Day celebrated- 24 January
  20. ‘Jump ball’ is related to which sport – – Basketball
  21. The largest planet in the solar system is – Jupiter
  22. Who was the constitutional advisor to the Constituent Assembly of India – – Sir B. N. Rao
  23. Right to property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights during whose reign – Morarji Desai Sarkar
  24. Green Park Stadium is in Kanpur
  25. Centigrade and Fahrenheit scale is the same at which temperature – -40 degrees
  26. The atmosphere is mainly heated by radiation from the earth
  27. Where are jet streams usually found – in the troposphere
  28. Who discovered oxygen – Priestley
  29. Which is the brightest planet in the solar system – Venus
  30. ‘Nivevisha’ means the desire for life
  31. What is the name of the research center set up by the Government of India to conduct research in the Antarctic – Dakshin Gangotri
  32. The meaning of ‘to throw dust in the eyes is to deceive
  33. The Upper House of the Indian Parliament is known as Rajya Sabha
  34. Which tax is not collected by the central government – – Professional tax
  35. Where did Buddha attain enlightenment – – Bodh Gaya
  36. Who was ‘Spatik’ during the rule of the Maurya dynasty – – District Administrator
  37. Silver coins of the Gupta period were called- Rupyak
  38. Where was the ‘Aero India 2017’ organized in India – – Bangalore
  39. On February 16, 2017, 5 new judges were appointed in the Supreme Court. With this, the number of judges working in the court has become how much – – 28
  40. E. K. Palaniswami took oath as the new Chief Minister of which state on February 16, 2017- Tamil Nadu
  41. Who has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to Canada recently – – Vikas Swarup
  42. Which Hindi writer was recently selected for ‘Vyas Samman 2016’ by Birla Foundation for his novel ‘Katna Shami Ka Vriksha: Padmapankhuri Ki Dhar Se’ – – Surendra Verma
  43. What is the rainfall in Uttar Pradesh in winters and summers – – Cyclonic and convective
  44. Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar adopted Duja village under ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’ on February 14, 2017 Where is this village located – – Osmanabad (Maharashtra)
  45. Who invented the revolver – Samuel Colt
  46. Who is the author of the book ‘Magic Seeds’ – – VS Nepal
  47. What is the rank of India in the ‘Economic Freedom Index 2017’ released by ‘The Heritage Foundation’ of America on February 16, 2017 – – 143rd
  48. In which year the Right to Information Act was passed- 2005 AD.
  49. What is the rank of Indian badminton player PV Sindhu in the ‘BWF’ world ranking – – Fifth
  50. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan is related to which books – – An Idealist View of Life and Hindu View of Life
  51. Which country’s Air Force has recently inducted ‘JF-17’ Thunder Gents aircraft – – Pakistan
  52. People of Indus Valley worshiped – Pashupati (Liner lucent general knowledge)
  53. The Legislative Assembly of which state passed the ‘Aadhaar Bill 2017’ on February 20, 2017 – – Gujarat
  54. Recently the Indian women’s cricket team defeated the team of which country to win the title of ‘ICC Women’s World Cup Qualifier 2017’ – – South Africa
  55. What is the term ‘monopoly’ associated with – – Capitalism
  56. Where are the Nobel Prizes distributed annually – – Stockholm
  57. Whose development was the main objective of the 11th five-year plan in the state – Agriculture and infrastructural development
  58. Bimal Jalan is the author of the book ‘The Future of India’
  59. Which code was launched by the Central Government on February 21, 2017 to encourage cashless payments – Bharat QR Code
  60. What is the abbreviation for NREGP – – National Rural Employment Guarantee Program
  61. India’s only volcano has become active in Barren Island in February 2017. In which state is the Baron Island located – – Andaman and Nicobar Islands
  62. Who is the author of the book ‘No Full Stops in India’ – – Mark Tully
  63. Recently which medical institute was awarded ‘Kayakalp Award 2016-17’ in the first category for maintaining a high standard in the matter of cleanliness – – All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) New Delhi
  64. Which state has become a part of Sikkim ‘UDAY’ scheme – – 22nd
  65. India will remain the fastest-growing economy among the G-20 countries and it will register a growth of 7.1% in the year 2017. Which credit rating agency has this estimate – – Moody’s
  66. Who was the youngest person to win the ‘Nobel Prize’ for economics recently – – Kethen J. Arrow
  67. India recently gave 5700 crores to which country for hydropower project – – Nepal
  68. Which mountain ranges are in the south of Uttar Pradesh – – Vindhyas
  69. According to the study conducted by Germany’s Geomar Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research (GEOMAR), how much has the amount of oxygen in the ocean decreased compared to the year 1960 – – doubled
  70. Which film was awarded the Best Film Award at the 89th Oscar Awards 2017 – Moonlight
  71. Who built the Aadi Din Ka Jhopra – Qutubuddin Aibak
  72. The temple of Badoli is related to which temple style- Besar
  73. Who built the idol of Gomateshwara in Shravanabelagola – Chamundarai
  74. Which major temple was initially designed and built during the reign of Suryavarman – – Angkorvada Temple
  75. Where is the Gomateshwara idol located – – Shravanabel Gola
  76. In which state is Nalanda University located in India – – Bihar
  77. What is Veer Bhoomi related to – – Rajiv Gandhi
  78. Who built the tomb of Etmauddaula in Agra – Noor Jahan
  79. Where is Angkor Wat located – – Cambodia
  80. Who was the designer of the Eiffel Tower – – Sir Gustave Eiffel
  81. The Statue of Liberty is built in – – England
  82. A Chichen Itza has been included in the Seven New Wonders of the World, where is it located – – In Mexico
  83. The first serial sponsored by Doordarshan was – – Hum Log
  84. Where was the first radio station set up in the private sector in India – – Bangalore
  85. How many centers of All India Radio were there in India at the time of independence — 6
  86. What is the new name of Cherrapunji – – Sohra
  87. Corbett National Park is located in which district – – Nainital
  88. The great Stupa of Sanchi in — Madhya Pradesh
  89. Where is Pushkar Lake located – – Rajasthan
  90. Where are the famous Elephanta Caves located – – Near Mumbai
  91. Who built the Sanchi Stupa – – Ashok Vardhan
  92. In which state is Fatehpur Sikri located – – Uttar Pradesh
  93. Which government completed the construction of Qutub Minar – – Iltutmish
  94. Who built the Red Fort at Agra – – Akbar
  95. Indira Point is located in — Andaman and Nicobar
  96. Where are the Ajanta caves located – Maharashtra
  97. Where is Diamond Herbal and Salt Lake City located – – In Kolkata
  98. Musamman Burj is located — in Agra
  99. The silent belly is in which state – – Kerala
  100. Who built the Victory Pillar in Chittor Fort – Rana Kumbha (One liner lucent general knowledge)
  101. On which river is Hyderabad situated – Musi
  102. Which country is the largest producer of silver in the world – Mexico
  103. Which is the smallest country in the world by area – Vatican City
  104. Which two seas does the Suez Canal connect – the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea
  105. Which two oceans does the Panama Canal connect – the Pacific Ocean and North Atlantic Ocean
  106. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of India ‘Dadra and Nagar Haveli’ – Silvassa
  107. Which is the largest state of India in terms of area – Rajasthan
  108. When is Earth Day celebrated – 22 April
  109. In which state is the Valley of Flowers – In Uttarakhand
  110. Which is the capital of the newly created nation South Sudan in the year 2011 – Juba
  111. Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission – Prime Minister
  112. Who was the author of Ain Akbari – Abul Fazal
  113. Hopman Cup is related to which sport – Tennis
  114. Who is known as Deshbandhu – Chittaranjan Das
  115. How many moles are there in Ashoka Chakra – 24
  116. Which was the first film made in India – Raja Harishchandra
  117. Which is the smallest bone – Stapes (One liner lucent general knowledge)
  118. Which is the largest bone – Femur (thigh bone)
  119. How many muscles are there in the human body – 639
  120. What is the life span of a red blood cell (RBC) – 120 days
  121. The process of coating iron on iron to prevent rusting is called -Galvanization
  122. What is the name of the largest gland of the human body – Liver
  123. Where is India’s first oil refining plant located – Digboi (Asom)
  124. For which area is the Kalinga Prize given by UNESCO – In the field of science
  125. Who built the Char Minar in Hyderabad – Quli Qutub Shah
  126. When and where was the resolution of complete independence passed by the Congress – In the Lahore session of 1929,
  127. What is the White Revolution related to – Milk
  128. India’s oldest running locomotive Which – Fairy Queen
  129. When was the first declaration of emergency in India – At the time of the Chinese invasion (26 October 1962)
  130. Which is the first state to become the basis of language in India -Andhra Pradesh
  131. Who was the first Muslim invader to attack India – Muhammad bin Qasim (712 AD)
  132. Who was the ambassador of Seleucus who came to the court of Chandragupta Maurya – Magsthenes
  133. What is the old name of Sri Lanka – Ceylon
  134. Who discovered vitamins – Funk said
  135. Stainless steel is an alloy of which of the following – Iron, Chromium, Nickel
  136. Bronze is an alloy of Copper and Tin
  137. When did Swami Vivekananda address the World Conference of Religions in Chicago –
  138. in 1893. When did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place – 13 April 1919
  139. When is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere on Earth – 21 June
  140. Where did Mahatma Buddha give his first sermon – Sarnath
  141. Which leader died due to lathi charge during the boycott of Simon Commission – Lala Lajpat Rai
  142. What is the name of the first computer manufactured in India – Siddhartha
  143. ‘Gayatri Mantra’ is mentioned in which book – Rigveda
  144. In which organ most of the digestion process takes place in the human body – Small intestine
  145. Who propounded the laws of heredity – Gregor Mandel
  146. Which metal was first used by humans – Copper
  147. On what principle does a ball pen work – Surface tension
  148. Silkworms are reared on the soft leaves of which tree – Mulberry
  149. What is Khetri famous for in Rajasthan – copper mine
  150. Which is the closest planet to Earth – Venus
  151. Where is the image of an object formed in the human eye – Retina
  152. By which method does heat transfer from the Sun to the Earth – Radiation
  153. DNA Who discovered the diploid horoscope of – Watson and Crick
  154. In what is the intensity of sound measured – Decibel
  155. What is beekeeping called – Apiculture
  156. What is the first page of a website called – Homepage
  157. Which mirror is used for rear view of vehicles – Convex
  158. What is the speed of sound in the air under normal conditions – 332 m/s
  159. Which is the only planet that rotates on its axis from east to west – Venus
  160. Which is the most gas in the Sun – hydrogen
  161. Which is the brightest planet visible from Earth – Venus
  162. How old is the solar system – 4.6 billion years
  163. Which tail star is visible after 76 years – Haley’s Tail Star
  164. What is the distance between the Earth and the Sun – 150 million kilometers
  165. How long does sunlight take to reach the earth – 500 seconds
  166. When and where did India conduct the first nuclear test – On 14 May 1974 in Pokhran (Rajasthan) 167. The part of the computer which we can touch is called what – Hardware
  167. Which is the noble gas used in the treatment of cancer – Radan
  168. Which mineral is found in monazite sand – Thorium
  169. Which is the largest endocrine gland in the body – Thyroid
  170. Which is the world’s largest mammal – a whale
  171. Who discovered the blood group – Land Steiner
  172. Which is the main ore of aluminum – Bauxite
  173. Which was the first artificial satellite – Sputnik-1
  174. By which device mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy – Dynamo
  175. What is the temporary memory of a computer called – RAM-Random Access Memory
  176. What is measured by the Richter scale – Earthquake intensity
  177. Which metal is the most on the earth’s surface – Aluminum
  178. Which planet is called the evening star – Venus
  179. What is the lowest surface of the atmosphere called – Troposphere
  180. how long it takes the Earth to 1-degree longitude roam – 4 minutes
  181. Plaster of Paris is made of – Gypsum (Liner lucent general knowledge)
  182. With the help of which do fish breathe – gills
  183. What is the process of making food by green plants called – Photosynthesis
  184. By which process is a cream made from milk – Centrifugal Force
  185. Where is the headquarters of Reserve Bank of India – Mumbai
  186. Who is known as Frontier Gandhi – Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan
  187. Which is the largest island in the world – Greenland
  188. Who was the first President of independent India – Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  189. Black soil is most suitable for which crop – Cotton
  190. Which foreign invader robbed the ‘Kohinoor diamond’ and ‘peacock throne’ and took it home with him – Nadirshah
  191. Which is the oldest mountain range in India – Aravalli ranges
  192. About what percentage of the earth’s surface is water – 71%
  193. With which country does India’s longest terrestrial border come – Bangladesh 3
  194. Which is the largest planet in our solar system – Jupiter
  195. Which river is called ‘Bihar’s mourning’ – Kosi
  196. Which odorous substance is mixed in gas cylinders to detect gas leakage – Ethyl mercaptan
  197. Which gas has the highest percentage in the atmosphere – Nitrogen
  198. In which state is the Konark Sun Temple located – Odisha
  199. Bangladesh was formed in the year 1971 by separating from which country – Pakistan
  200. What is the meaning of WWW in computer language – World Wide Web (One liner lucent general knowledge)
  201. How many bytes are there in a kilobyte (KB) – 1024 bytes
  202. Who presided over the historic 1929 session of the Indian National Congress – Jawaharlal Nehru
  203. Who was the accomplice of Bhagat Singh in throwing a bomb in the Central Assembly – Batukeshwar Dutt
  204. When did the Muslim League first demand the partition of India – 1940
  205. Who published the magazine Commonweal – Annie Besant
  206. Who is the only Indian to have received the Nobel Prize in Economics – Amartya Sen
  207. With whose efforts the Widow Remarriage Act was made in 1856 – With the efforts of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  208. Where did Lord Canning announce the rule of the Crown in India in the court held in November 1858 – In the court held in Allahabad,
  209. The ruler of which state made the first subsidiary treaty with Lord Wellesley – Nizam of Hyderabad
  210. Which is the largest tribe of India – Gond
  211. Who was the first woman President of Indian National Congress – Annie Besant
  212. Who is known as ‘Shaheed-e-Azam’ – Bhagat Singh
  213. Which plan led to the partition of India -— Mountbatten plan resulted in
  214. Who killed General Dyer (associated with the Jallianwala Bagh massacre) – Udham Singh
  215. When and by whom was Bengal partitioned – In 1905 AD by Governor Lord Curzon
  216. How many High Courts are there in India – 24
  217. Who was the Speaker of the first Lok Sabha – Yes. V. Mavalankar
  218. Who was elected as the Provisional President of the Constituent Assembly – Sachchidananda Sinha
  219. Kuchipudi dance form is mainly associated with which state – Andhra Pradesh
  220. The mohiniyattam dance form is mainly associated with which state – Kerala
  221. Bharatanatyam dance form is mainly associated with which state – Tamil Nadu
  222. Kathakali is a classical dance form of which state – Kerala
  223. In which state is the maximum production of ‘Saffron’ – Jammu and Kashmir
  224. On which river was the first multi-purpose project built in India – Damodar
  225. Who was the first President of the Indian National Congress – Vomeshchandra Banerjee
  226. Whom did Gandhiji consider as his political guru – Gopal Krishna Gokhale
  227. Which organ of the United Nations is responsible for maintaining international peace and security – Security Council
  228. Who was the first Indian citizen to get Nobel Prize – Rabindranath Tagore (in 1913)
  229. In which year the Mid Day Meal Scheme was started – in 1995.
  230. What is the national anthem of Bangladesh and who wrote it – ‘Amar Sonar Bangla’ written by Rabindranath Tagore
  1. Who was the founder of the Lodhi dynasty – Bahlol Lodhi
  2. Which constitutional amendment is called ‘Mini Constitution’ – 42.
  3. Which mixture of gases do divers carry to breathe underwater – A mixture of oxygen and helium gases
  4. Who was the founder of homeopathy – Hahnemann
  5. Which gas is used for ripening fruits – ethylene
  6. Which is the first month of the Indian National Calendar – Chaitra
  7. Which instrument does Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia play – Flute
  8. What should be the minimum age to become the Prime Minister of India – 25 years
  9. Who built the Stupa of Sanchi – Ashoka
  10. Yakshagana is the folk dance of which state – Karnataka
  11. Between which two countries does the McMahon Line form the border – Indo-China
  12. What is the edible part in onion – Stem (Liner lucent general knowledge)
  13. What is the frequency of sound waves in the audio range – 20 Hz to 20000 Hz
  14. Madhubani is the folk painting style of which state – Bihar
  15. In which country is the world’s highest mountain peak Mount Everest located – Nepal
  16. Which river is called Dakshin Ganga – Godavari
  17. Who was the only President to be elected unopposed – Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
  18. Which rivers form the world’s largest delta Sundarban delta – Ganga-Brahmaputra
  19. Which was the port city of Indus Valley Civilization – Lothal
  20. Who is considered the father of Sitar and Tabla – Amir Khusro
  21. Which is the highest plateau in the world – Pamir or plateau of Tibet
  22. Who is the chairman of the Planning Commission – PM
  23. Which gas is used in the manufacture of vegetable ghee – Hydrogen
  24. Who was the first Indian to cross the English Channel – Mihir San
  25. One horsepower is equal to how many watts – 746 Watt
  26. What is the reason for the spherical shape of water droplets – Surface tension
  27. Which is the first man-made fiber – Nylon
  28. To hear a clear echo, the distance between the listener and the reflector should be 17 m
  29. In which medium the speed of light is maximum – Vacuum
  30. Which color of light is scattered the most – Violet
  31. Which mirror is used in the headlight of vehicles – Concave
  32. Why do the stars appear twinkling in the sky – Due to the refraction of light
  33. What is called primary color – Red, Green, Blue
  34. Which gas is filled in the tires of aircraft – Helium
  35. Which metal is mixed in solder metal or solder – Tin and Lead
  36. Glaucoma disease is related to which part of the body – Ankh
  37. What is the name of the world’s first female astronaut – Valentina Tereshkova
  38. Who was the author of the book ‘Origin of Species by Natural Selection – Charles Darwin
  39. Cinnabar is an ore of which metal – mercury or mercury
  40. Which instrument is used to measure the amount of water in milk – A lactometer
  41. On which principle is the “hydrogen bomb” based – Nuclear Fusion
  42. Pellagra disease is caused by the deficiency of vitamin – Vitamin B-3
  43. The liver oil of fishes is rich in what – Vitamin D
  44. What is the height of a geostationary satellite from the earth – 36,000 Kilometers
  45. What is the temperature of the human body – 37° C or 98.4 F
  46. What is the unit of power of a lens – Diopter
  47. IC chips of computer are made of which material –
  48. Parsec of silicon is the unit of astronomical distance of
  49. At what temperature is the density of water maximum – At 4°C
  50. What is the frequency of ultrasonic waves – over 20,000 Hz
  51. What is the scientific name of the man – Homo sapiens
  52. Who was the first Indian to be elected to the British Parliament – Dadabhai Naoroji
  53. Which state of India is the largest producer of rice – West Bengal
  54. Where is the only temple of Brahma Ji in India – Pushkar (Rajasthan)
  55. Which disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog – Rabies or Hydrophobia
  56. Who is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha – Vice President
  57. Who is the first person to receive Nobel Prize twice – Madam Marie Curie
  58. Where is the headquarters of SAARC (SAARC) or SAARC – Kathmandu (Nepal)
  59. Who was the first Param Vir Chakra winner – Major Somnath Sharma
  60. Who was the first Indian woman president of the Indian National Congress – Sarojini Naidu
  61. Who was the captain of the 1983 World Cup-winning Indian cricket team – Kapil Dev
  62. How many members can the President nominate to the Rajya Sabha – 12
  63. In which year the Nobel Prizes start – 1901
  64. What is the currency of Bangladesh – Taka
  65. Who wrote the Ramayana – Maharishi Valmiki
  66. Which state is the largest producer of sugarcane in India – Uttar Pradesh
  67. Peoria disease affects which part of the body – Teeth, and Gums
  68. Nashik is situated on the bank of which river – Godavari
  69. Who administers the oath to the President – Chief Justice of Supreme Court (One liner lucent general knowledge)
  70. What is the currency of Japan – Yen
  71. Where is the Indian Military Academy located – Dehradun
  72. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest – Bachendri Pal
  73. Davis Cup is related to which sport – Tennis
  74. Who is the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest twice – Santosh Yadav
  75. For how long does the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court remain in his office – Till the age of 65 years
  76. Which is the upper house of the Parliament – Rajya Sabha
  77. Who is the author of Panchatantra – Vishnu Sharma
  78. By what name is the India-China agreement in 1954 known – Panchsheel Agreement
  79. Which country won the Football World Cup in 2010 – Spain
  80. Where is the National Defense Academy located –
  81. Who wrote the book ‘Discovery of India’ at Khadagwasla near Poona – Jawaharlal Nehru
  82. How many times does a healthy human heartbeat in a minute – 72 times
  83. When was the first census conducted in India – 1872
  84. In which sport is the word ‘double fault’ used – Tennis
  85. Who was the first Indian Army Chief of the Indian Army – General KM Cariappa
  86. ‘Lai Haroba’ is a folk dance of which state – Manipur
  87. Which state of India is the largest producer of rubber – Kerala
  88. Kolkata is on the bank of which river – Hooghly
  89. Which Indian scientist said ‘there is life in plants’ – Jagdish Chandra Basu
  90. Where was the Sabarmati Ashram established by Mahatma Gandhi – Ahmedabad
  91. How many chromosomes are there in the human body – 23 pairs or 46
  92. When does a lunar eclipse occur – Poornima
  93. When did the Quit India Movement start – 8 August 1942
  94. What is the normal blood pressure of the human body – 80 to 120 mm
  95. When is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere – 22 December
  96. Who wrote ‘Ramcharitmanas’ – Tulsidas
  97. When and where were the first Asian Games held – New Delhi in May 1951.
  98. By which instrument is atmospheric pressure measured – Barometer
  99. Which is the first women’s university of Haryana and where is it – Bhagat Phool Singh Women’s University Khanpur Kalan (Sonipat)
  100. Who is the Indian to take all ten wickets in an innings of Test matches – Anil Kumble
  101. Where will the Football World Cup be held in 2018 – Russia
  102. Which is the most populated country in the world – China
  103. How many members can the President nominate in the Lok Sabha – 2
  104. Which is the omnibus blood group – AB
  105. In which year the non-cooperation movement started – 1920
  106. ‘Penalty stroke’ is used in which sport – Hockey
  107. Which is the lower house of the Indian Parliament – Lok Sabha
  108. Who founded Sikhism – Guru Nanak Dev
  109. After how many years does the census take place in India – 10
  110. Whose composition is Meghdoot – Kalidas
  111. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain at the time of India’s independence – Clement Attlee
  112. Which part of the body does eczema affect – Skin
  113. Who founded the ‘Scouts and Guides’ organization – Robert Baden Powell
  114. Which is the largest ocean in the world – Prashant
  115. In which sport is the term ‘penalty kick’ used – Football
  116. With which sport is the Ranji Trophy related – Cricket
  117. Jnanpith Award is related to which field – Literature
  118. Which is the highest sports award of India – Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award


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